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Till the Cows Come Home Page

Cows R Out Productions grew from a family hobby of making videos that grew in length and complexity over the last 25 years.  We've made educational videos, comedies, dramas, film shorts, you name it.  Over the years various members of our family have contributed in some way to a production, whatever their expertise is, we used it.  We're what you call homegrown and we like it that way.

Current Production

Our Latest Project "Brett Cornell: Unscrupulous" has been entered into the NYTVF Fox Script Competition. The finalists for the competition should be announced by June and the winners will be announced in July.  The Brett Cornell pilot concerns an English teacher depressed over the loss of his mother and is encouraged by his cousin to revisit his past aspirations of being a writer, unearthing his 1970’s detective novels to become an unlikely 21st century screenplay writer for the “Brett Cornell” Detective movies.  We hope to enter this short into other festivals through the coming year as well.

The TV series more accurately follows the writer’s cousin, Nina Miller, who encourages him to update his old novels, and agrees to edit his work; only to find that they are near erotica. She loses her job when she accidentally prints some of his work, but is remarkably able to volley his novel to be green-lighted by a film company. She now must continue to corral his eccentricity, as well as tone down his work or they will both lose this insane opportunity.

Production took place in Ellington, Windsor, and Bloomfield, Connecticut with actors from Connecticut, New York and Massachusetts.

Who wants to make a movie?

We are always looking to develop new ideas, take on a challenge. Each of the Cows R Out team and Associates have numerous talents - if you need help with a project, contact us.

Past Productions

"Life as Nin" won the Hartford International Film Festival and the Silk City Flick Fest.

Preview the "Life as Nin" trailer at

Check out some of our older projects:

"TCPD Blue", which won the's "That Should be on TV" contest

"Super Bob: Ellington Action League" at

Also, the two music videos we produced for Rachel Carson can be found:

"Why" and "Let Me Go"

Right margin photo: Steven & Nicole in their 3rd production together "Beauty and the Beast"